IFCenter Academy is an International School of Languages and a renowned training center for language teaching and learning (Spanish, English, German and more).


For more than ten years we have successfully developed our own courses. We are quite aware of the fact that you do not only look for a language course but an immersion in language and culture whose success will be primarily driven by motivation.


We offer you:

A training center of more than 300 square meters in the heart of Madrid (Calle Príncipe de Vergara 57-59) dedicated to language studies.

Our methodology and our self-designed courses: intensive, regular, one to one, for teachers, families, etc.

Our course aim at fully integrating you into Spanish culture.

We perfectly well know the difficulties and obstacles Spanish learners have to deal with.

Last year we’ve send more than 350 people under contract to more than 50 companies in Germany.

We rely on agreements with various universities and professional associations in Spain, as well as the Chamber of Commerce and the embassy.

We proudly rely on a staff of more than 30 teachers who develop and teach our courses.

Our training goes beyond language learning. We practice roleplay in interviews and everyday situations from work, transport and the hospitality industry, etc.

We are officially accredited by TELC, a prestigious language certification company and furthermore we have the right to use the language diploma issued by the association of Graduates and Doctors of Philosophy.


On this account we can assure you that our courses succeed: you learn spanish and you get to know our culture and our way of life.